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Scanning & Single Point Induction Hardening

National Metal Processing

About the process:

A surface hardening process whereby heating is done by induced electrical current. A high-frequency electrical current flows through a copper coil, producing a magnetic field around the part. No change in material chemistry occurs during processing. Using this process, case thickness (hardened layer) can be closely controlled.


  • Cost savings include ability of manufacturer to substitute alloy steel for carbon steel; elimination of straightening and machining operations; and an automated, efficient hardening operation
  • Metallurgical advantages include: improved fatigue strength; increased wear resistance; and uniform control of hardness and hardened pattern


  • Radyne solid-state power supplies from 7.5 kW to 80kW
    • Frequencies from 25 kHz to 450 kHz
    • 18" scanner travel capacity
    • Automated material handling/multi-station turntables
  • Pillar vertical twin-spindle scanner: 150 kW, 10kHz-25kHz
    • Touchscreen induction process monitoring
  • NMP design and manufacture of induction coils