We've turned the science of heat treating into an art form.™  

Scanning & Single Point Induction

A surface hardening process whereby heating is done by induced electrical current. A high-frequency electrical current flows through a copper coil, producing a magnetic field around the part.

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Batch Integral Quench Processing

A surface hardening process offering a high degree of automation, increased production rates, and flexible process parameter design.

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Laser Surface Hardening and Welding

Laser processing uses a well-defined, intense energy beam as a heat source. While improving the wear properties of metals, the process allows metal to maintain ductility.

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Industries We Serve...

...include agricultural equipment, automotive, electrical and electronic equipment, power equipment, medical device, mining equipment, security device, and tool & die.

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What's New?

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New furnace line installation

National Metal Processing recently installed a third 36-48-36 Surface Combustion Allcase batch integral furnace, oil quench, and Uni-DRAW temper/ powder metal furnace. Consistent, repeatable quality is ensured with Super Systems Inc. process monitoring.

Additional induction capacity

Expanded induction capabilities include a Pillar 150 kW vertical twin-spindle unit with HMI on-screen process monitoring.

Olympic connection

National Metal Processing provided induction heat treating services to a supplier of ice skating blades for the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.