We've turned the science of heat treating into an art form.™  

Laser Surface Hardening

National Metal Processing

About the process:

Laser surface hardening uses a well-defined, intense energy beam as a heat source. While improving the wear properties of metals, the process allows metal to maintain ductility. The result of the hardening process to the affected area is fine martensitic grain structure. CNC-automation provides precise beam depth and coverages.



  • Precise heat treatment pattern
  • Can be used to selectively harden wear surfaces
  • Greater hardness, less distortion is achieved
  • Part ductility can be maintained
  • No outside quenching media necessary
  • No vacuum or protective atmosphere needed
  • Ideally suited to medium carbon steels



  • 2 Photon Sources V-1200 1,200-watt carbon-dioxide units with
    CNC automation